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Best Portrait & Sketch Artist: Sujit Kumar- Charcoal Portrait, Oil Colour on Canavas, Watercolour Portrait Painting Artist in Delhi NCR

While technology continues to make its way deeper into the creative domain, there still remains a sense of old-world charm in running your hands over a piece of paper to create master-pieces.

With over 18 years of experience in Sketching, Illustration, Portrait, Carricature and Painting, I excel in articulating my thoughts and ideas on paper/canvas.

With each stroke and each line, I strive to bring pictures and portraits to life and find this creative process absolutly rewarding and satisfying.

We at Aakriti Arts have an expert team of pencil sketch artists, portrait artist, oil colour on canvas artist, charcoal portrait artist, watercolour Portrait artist in Delhi NCR, who provide the best photo sketch or portrait for gift.

Sujit Kumar has immense expertise in charcoal portrait and also oil color portraits. He has been observed that various artists like the idea of pencil sketching instead of painting. He also like other art forms. Many years of consistent studying and practicing a lot of painting portraits & sketches madehim a skilled artist.